Dr. Gagan's Personal Experience & Symptoms/ Cause / Care

Time runs so fast ................ !!!!!!!

It was THE DECEMBER 2014 !! -- 2 years have passed !

Severe acute sheering chest pain - retero sternal in the night of 16-17/12/2014 at 1.35 AM .

STAT ECG and interval ECG were W.N.L.

17th and 18th passed by.

The 19th December came and by the evening everything was changed into a large bundle of uncertainties, a blind march into TIME and various rather innumerable uncertainties which were to unfold not only for me but MORE AND VITAL for my family,wife and kids whose whole future depended on the outcome of RACE against TIME and available RESOURCES !

My elder brother and Mentor was given the alarming News in step by step process - who I know is deeply perturbed by my folly's / failures since childhood. Since then He is more concerned about me then me myself.

I had by my side my dearest friend and Savior Ashootosh Mall but there was none with my brother who could share and understand the grave situation .

We left Gorakhpur at arond 7 PM on 19th itself with only Me + Ashootosh (Saviour)+ Ajay (anesthetist) + Ravi (friend), not knowing weather to return as a living human being or as a body !

Innumerable prayers, unaccountable well wishers and countless blessings paved the way back to life.

Type A Aortic Dissection with Rupture Aortic Valve was successfully taken care of by a marathon and meticulous 9 hour long surgery(Bentall's Procedure) by Dr Anil Bhan and team plus a dedicated team of expert and cheerful anesthetists in Medanta hospital, Gurgaon on 22nd December 2014.

Few friends and family friends were kind enough to come all the way from Gorakhpur, and even arrange/ bring along my father, better half and kids.

It was something more than chilly outside , with Ashootosh doing the major decision taking part, my brother arranging the finances, blood donors and I suppose in between episodes of consoling each other were also must be going on !

My wife, kids and other family members waiting anxiously for the News headlines from the OT through make shift messengers / friends.

This all was interrupted occasionally by ice cold breeze flowing in whenever the glass door adjacent to the blood bank was opened by somebody (As told by my wife).

The Prayers yielded, the expertise of operating hands and anesthetists in conjuncture with all possible favorable possibilities and Grace of GOD today I m here to express few sentiments and my heartfelt thanks to this little world.

Anyhow there's lot to be written, lot to be remembered, lot to be felt and lot to be done to spread awareness !!

I JUST WANT TO THANK ALMIGHTY GOD FOR ALL HIS BLESSINGS AND MIRACLES and all the people down here who have been so kind and generous to me and prayed for me and my family !

Dear All,

As most of you know that I had suffered from sudden onset Aortic Dissection with severe AR on 19th dec 2014.

I was shifted for emergency surgery from Gorakhpur to PGI Lucknow, from where subsequently I was referred to Delhi.

I had to get urgent Aortic Root repair/Graft with Aortic Valve Replacement. This was done on 22.12.2014 and the surgery (Bentall's Procedure) took about 8-9 hours.(In Medanta Medicity)

Dr.Anil Bhan Sr.CTVS Surgeon told that most Pt.s even do not reach the hospital and that may also be a cause of Aortic Dissection being a rarest disease.

Anyhow by GOD's blessings and innumerable prayers and good wishes of You All I was able to reach the OT table and the surgery / post op days went uneventful.

Now I m recovering in-fact recovered a lot so that I am able to sit and type to express my gratitude to all my well-wishers.

Ashootosh Mall had been my life line all throughout , since the diagnosis of my disease- which was also made by him. English dictionary falls short of words for him , so no foolish attempts.

My elder brother stood day in and day out just in anticipation of a ray of hope. It would have been a tough time for him to watch his nurtured (me) in such a condition. Time and again I have owed that what I am today is because of him. Tons of Love to you and all family.

My heartfelt thanks to Ajay Shukla, Ravi, Ajay Singh (Bholu), Bhanu Jijaji, Ashok Yadav and all others who were beside me when I was being shifted from Gorakhpur and in Medanta, Gurgaon.

This post/place shall fall short if I start mentioning all names, but I know that all were with me and my family.

Again I take this opportunity to thank you all and the ALMIGHTY for helping me and my family in the times of great distress.

 Dr Gagan Gupta